Tune Up and Routine Maintenance

To keep your computer performing the way it should, is recommended to perform routine computer maintenance, which includes checking for errors or inconsistencies, removing unnecessary files and performing a hard drive defragmentation. We perform routine computer maintenance on-site and by remote. The typical system tune-up involves checking for viruses, cleaning out temp files, examining the system logs and resolving any errors that they indicate may be present, removing any unnecessary browser helper objects and toolbars, performing a defrag of the hard drive, minimizing any unneeded or rarely used start-up items and also checking the system registry for errors and making corrections as needed. We perform most of these procedures by remote at a flat-rate price, which is very cost effective.

During your day to day computer use, your computer maintains recordsand files of websites that you have visited, documents that have been opened, application and updates that have been installed and applied, plus many other aspects of your computer use. Many of the files and records are needed for reference at later times and dates. While other data can be removed to free up space and to speed things up a bit. We carefully examine your omputer system completely and then remove any data that is of unimportance and make adjustments where they are needed to improve system performance.

Our Computer Tune-up Services Include

  • 1Deleting your temporary Internet files
  • 1Removing any unnecessary web browser toolbars
  • 1Removing any unnecessary or malicious Browser Helper Objects
  • 1Resetting your all browsers security settings
  • 1Removing any unnecessary software
  • 1Installation of a reputable and effective anti-virus program
  • 1Checking the system registry for errors and making needed corrections
  • 1Checking the hard drive for data corruption and cross linked files
  • 1Performing a defragmentation of the hard drive
  • 1Removing any unnecessary start-up & services entries

We specialize in removing some of the most stubborn computer viruses and rootkits in circulation, without the need to reload your computer. Our trained technicians can safely remove viruses.

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