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Complete Computer Repair, Laptop Repair and Installation Services

  • Un-boxing your personal computer or, connecting all personal and included devices
  • Testing functionality including the monitor, printer, scanner and camera, ect.
  • Transfer all personal files to the new system, including documents, photos, music, etc.
  • Connecting and properly configuring your new computer system for internet access
  • Installation of any legally owned software you may required on your new computer
  • Setup and configuration of all user accounts for you and your family members
  • Removing unnecessary software not required, that may have come pre installed
  • Answering any computer questions you may have about your setup and configuration

The Complete Computer Repair Desktop and Laptop specialist that visits your home will be very knowledgeable in computer setup. They will spend as much time as needed to install and configure your new computer, printers and your wired or wireless network. The computer and laptop specialist will test and verify that all of your components and peripherals are working efficiently before they leave your premises.

Our Clients